The Dales to Vale Rivers Network is a catchment partnership which brings together local people, communities, organisations and businesses to make decisions on managing the rivers, becks and lakes in the Swale, Ure, Nidd, Ouse and Wharfe catchments. 

We have a new job opportunity for someone who wants to work for the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust as a Senior Catchment Partnership Officer. Follow this link to see the job description.

Since the partnership was formed in 2013 we have held 14 partnership meetings to talk to local people about their rivers, gather evidence and information and to develop our Catchment Management Plans. We have worked with more than 50 partnership organisations, have 15 active projects and ideas for 56 more!

DVRN is hosted by the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust and our work is directed by our Project Board which  holds quarterly meetings.

Our website is designed to help you to better understand your local rivers, the pressures they face and how you might get involved and influence local change. Please feel free to look through our website.

Our Themes

Clean water for everyone  – Reducing rural and urban pollution

Water for Wildlife – Provide high quality, connected habitats that support a diverse range of species including good fish stocks and without invasive species.

Enjoying water – Provide opportunity for recreation and attractive areas for people to enjoy.

Too much water – Flood risk is reduced in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

Water friendly farming – working with farmers to promote good soil management and reduce the amount of diffuse water pollution

Learning about water – helping communities engage with their river, and encouraging all interested people and organisations to work cooperatively to manage river environments effectively.

Urban water – Promoting ways to deal with the special problems of urban areas including promoting Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)