Rivers in Elmet

Rivers in Elmet project is led by the YDRT in partnership with the EA, NE and NYCC, funded by EA and the Nineveh Trust.

It’s a three-year project aiming to address sediment, nutrient loading and habitat modifications in five adjoining waterbodies in the lower Wharfe and Ouse catchment. Other partners include the East Keswick Wildlife Trust and the South Milford Against Flooding group.

This project will build and extend upon two previous projects, ‘Cleaner Collingham Beck’ and ‘South Milford’ which have engaged with communities, installed an interpretation board and facilitated citizen science water quality monitoring. YDRT have encouraged water friendly farming through advice events and farm visits covering precision farming and soil management.

The Rivers In Elmet project will continue to engage and advise farmers and the wider community to bring about changes in land management practices. The project will also deliver practical improvements to water quality by fencing, tree planting, creating buffer strips, constructing online sediment traps and wetland creation. The project will supplement routine EA monitoring, by extending the citizen science monitoring programme including the use of phosphate, nitrate and turbidity testing kits as well as invertebrate monitoring via the Anglers’ Riverfly Monitoring Initiative

Water bodies covered

  • Collingham Beck
  • Thorner Beck
  • Cock Beck
  • Mill Dike
  • Bishop Dike