Wharfedale Connecting Communities

This is a newly funded project, led by YDRT, aiming to increase awareness about Natural Flood Management (NFM) within the communities of Addingham, Otley, Collingham, East Keswick, Bardsey and Thorner, making links with work being done by the farming community at the top of the River Wharfe.

Starting in 2018, a series of events in each community at risk of flooding will be run, to raise awareness of how rivers function, describe what work is happening to reduce flood risk, both locally and further up the catchment, and to make links between the communities that have flooded in the past and the land managers who are installing NFM measures.

Setting up Flood watchers is another part of the project. We will run a citizen science project, looking at flood pathways to help each community build up a better idea of how the flood water flows and to identify where NFM or Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) measures are suitable.

Working with schools and youth groups in these communities, we will be raising awareness of how rivers work and how the river interacts with the features within its catchment. This will be done using YDRT’s Mobile Classroom – which has a river table and a model to demonstrate features of SuDS.

The project is supported by Leeds Community Foundation and will be working with East Keswick Wildlife Trust, Addingham Environment Group, Flood Groups in Collingham, Otley, Environment Agency, Leeds City Council, Skill Mill and linking in with the Naturally Resilient Project.