York Urban Becks

Partners in this project aim to recreate, restore and re-naturalise parts of York’s urban becks, Osbaldwick Beck, the River Foss and Tang Hall Beck so that they are teeming with wildlife and enjoyed by all.

The number and nature of historic flood protection and access culverts along these becks limit the amount of suitable habitat for some species. This new partnership project will focus on habitat improvement and creation and also land management improvements to eventually include de-culverting & river meandering.

Friends of St Nicks had a small grant in 2014/15 to fund monitoring and biodiversity improvements on the becks through St Nicks, with a focus on Water Voles. They now hope to try and scale it up and roll something out city-wide in the future as another strand to this project. It will include a wider range of species but following the same process of mapping, monitoring, feasibility planning, providing training to local conservation groups, delivery of practical works and continued monitoring. Schools and youth groups would be included with plenty of citizen science and lots of awareness raising, reconnecting people to their rivers.

The partners working with Friends of St Nicks are EA, City of York Council, Yorkshire Farming and Wildlife Partnership and YDRT.

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